Change Status Forms

Non- Practicing to Practicing

Please complete the change status form "Non-Practicing to Practicing" if you are wishing to return practicing status; Non-Practicing to Practicing Form. Please note Continuing Education hours must be accumulated once the practicing status change occurs. The $400.00 cost of annual licensure will apply when changing your status to practicing.


Practicing to Non-Practicing

Please complete the change status form "Practicing to Non-Practicing" if you are beginning or currently on one of the following types of leaves from practice; maternity/paternity, Worker's Compensation, Disability, Illness, or Education; Practicing to Non-Practicing Form. The fee to change to non-practicing status is $50.00. If a change in status from Practicing to Non-Practicing is not initiated by an LPN who is currently on a leave, the annual renewal requirements, such as 24 CEP hours, remain mandatory.

For further information regarding status changes, please contact Noelle Odegard, SALPN Associate Registrar, for complete details at 1-306-525-8026 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..