Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination (CPNRE)

The SALPN is please to be collaborating with other provincial regulatory colleagues and Assessment Strategies Inc. to implement computer-based testing to deliver the Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination (CPNRE) starting in May 2016.

The Regulators and Assessment Strategies Inc. have been working to make the transition from paper-and-pencil to computer-based testing a successful undertaking for those entering the profession and taking the CPNRE.

As Regulators, we know that technology is playing an enhanced role in the delivery of licensure/registration examinations. We want to be proactive and take advantage of opportunities technology offers. Computer-based testing allows test writers to take the CPNRE on a computer in a proctored test centre. Assessment Strategies Inc. has a multi-year partnership with Pearson VUE to provide access to Pearson Vue’s Canadian test centre network for Assessment Strategies Inc.’s clients. This allows Regulators to offer the CPNRE more often and at more sites across Canada.

Once an applicant has met the CPNRE eligibility requirements, an application to write the CPNRE at the next available writing must be submitted. Information of the requirements can be found under the Applicant tab of the SALPN website. Once the application is received and processed, the candidate’s information will be submitted to Assessment Strategies and Pearson Vue for confirmation of eligibility. Once confirmation of eligibility is received, the candidate will receive an email from Pearson Vue to schedule a date and time for the exam. Please note there is scheduling fee of $105.00 GST.



The CPNRE is offered three times a year during three 4-week testing windows. The deadline for registration will be indicated on the application form. Below are the dates of the upcoming exams:


January 16 - February 12

       May 22 - June 18

September 25 - October 22


January 29 - February 18

June 11 - July 1

September 17 - October 7

November 19 - December 9


The application fee for the CPNRE exam is currently $400.00

Information on Results

Official results of the examination are released approximately three weeks following the mid-point of the writing window and then again three weeks after the writing window closes. Successful results will be emailed.

Please note that once the “pass” results are processed in the SALPN database, a change in licensure status will occur for those members who have previously been licensed as a graduate. This means that the GLPNs who were successful with the CPNRE will have their status appear as Practicing in the SALPN ‘Public Registry’. This change may appear on registry prior to receiving your official results by email.

Applicants are given a maximum of 3 chances to successfully pass the CPNRE. Failure to attend or complete the CPNRE will be considered as an attempt. If your third attempt is also unsuccessful, you will no longer be eligible to write the CPNRE.

Requests to Write in Another Jurisdiction

A candidate can opt to write the exan in another jurisdiction when they schedule their exam through Pearson Vue..

Request for Testing Accommodations

All graduates who require testing accommodations must submit the required forms for approval to the SALPN 10 weeks prior to the date of the CPNRE. Candidates who were not previously accommodated by their educational institution are not eligible for CPNRE accommodations.                                          

  • The CPNRE is one of the eligibility requirements for licensure in Saskatchewan. The CPNRE is administered by Assessment Strategies Inc. ( Please refer to the Assessment Strategies website for information on the CPNRE Exam Prep Guide.

For more information regarding the CPNRE, please contact the SALPN Associate Registrar, Noelle Odegard at 1-306-525-1436 ext 230 or by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.