2017 SALPN Council Elections


Denise Kominetsky, LPN - Saskatoon, SK


Howdy! My name Is Denise Kominetsky. 

 I have worked as a Licensed Practical Nurse since 2005 in both Acute & Long Term Care facilities in Sunrise Health Region. I recently gave up my seniority and made the bold move to Saskatoon Health Region (2016.) I have worked casual on the Renal, Thoracic and Vascular Surgery, and the Rehabilitation Unit.  

I am the second LPN in the province to graduate with honors from the IIWCC (International Interprofessional Wound Care Course, 2013) offered through the University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine. 

I have worked as an ACI (Adjunct Clinical Instructor) with Practical Nursing Students during their clinical rotations. I absolutely loved my time in this instructor role!!

I was honored to receive the LPN of Distinction award in 2016! ( truly blessed )

I have spoken for Hollister (for education events), and have contributed Wound Care Articles for URO Medical in Saskatoon. 

I also am the local clinician (with Position Health) for the new Heelift Boot that will be phasing into care eventually (already on Health Pro Contract). 

I feel I am a great candidate for the President Elect Position as I strongly believe in the knowledge, skill set, capabilities, and excellent care LPN's can provide the public. I am an example of how a person can personally enhance their knowledge base and fight for recognition and acknowledgment of same. I am here to support our organization and our professional body. I want to help the public understand that Licensed Practical Nurses are hardworking, smart, jovial, caring, and overall.......... Just awesome!!! 


Andrea McConnell, LPN - Swift Current, SK


Having participated with the SALPN Council for the last five years, I have acquired a good understanding of where the organization has been and where it is going. Concurrently, as a working LPN, I know the political realities and the challenges that face our profession and organization.  I understand the practical measures we need to take as an organization to deal with these challenges and to fulfill our mission.

 With my experience, my pragmatic approach to problems and my leadership skills I am ready for a leadership role in this organization. Therefore, I have decided to seek the position of President-elect of SALPN.

 I will appreciate the support of all of those who elect me to this position and I will make the mission of the Council, “Protecting the public through the regulation of the Licensed Practical Nurse profession in Saskatchewan”, the priority during my tenure.


Zone 2 - North

Linda Ewen, LPN - Star City, SK

Linda Ewen

I am very excited to be considered for a position on the SALPN council. I have been an LPN for the past 16 years and have worked in various settings (long term and acute care) in  2 health regions.  Having this background has allowed me to be aware of inconsistencies in the delivery of care and the LPN scope of practice.  It is my hope that we can work towards LPNs being able to work full scope across the province by educating ourselves to include all our competencies and increasing public awareness about our role.

I have been married to my husband Don for the past 18 years.  Together we have 6 children and 17 grandchildren. I enjoy spending time with my family, golfing and travelling. I am proud to be an LPN and would feel fortunate to be your representative of zone 2.


Darla Paskell, LPN - Hudson Bay, SK


As an LPN, I am about providing care. As a resident of Saskatchewan, I want safe, competent care for my family, friends and fellow residents of this great province. If elected to the SALPN council, I will work towards promoting exactly that. My expectations of this position will be to grow and learn the ways the SALPN protects the public, and to integrate that with my own practice and the practice of my peers. I believe positivity promotes positivity, and I want to work towards having LPNs work to their full potential as the valuable team members they are, in providing the best possible care to their patients. I want to promote learning, open discussion, and confidence to want to constantly learn and improve, while keeping the patients' best interest at the core of every action.


Caitlin Prouty, LPN - Prince Albert, SK


My name is Caitlin Prouty and I work at the Victoria Hospital in Prince Albert. Upon moving to Saskatchewan in 2013, I started work at the Victoria Hospital on the Renal Dialysis unit but quickly moved into pediatrics where I still work primarily, however, I also work casual on medicine where I can continue to utilize my skills and knowledge with adult patients. Prior to becoming an LPN, I worked as a Physiotherapist/Occupational Therapist Assistant in Ontario as well as a Care Aide in both Ontario and Alberta which allowed me to gain experience in a variety of settings.

I would like this opportunity with SALPN as I feel being a council member is a great opportunity to learn and grow as an LPN by gaining insight into how LPN’s will continue to progress as a regulated profession through the ever-changing health care system.

Since becoming an LPN, I have had an interest in the development of our regulations and how we can continue to enhance our practice through advocacy for not only the profession but the individuals of our communities that we serve. I feel that being a part of the team of the governing body we can work together affectively to bring ideas to the table to potentially integrate into the education systems for current and future LPN’s to ensure that as LPN’s in the field we all have a clear understanding of the definitions of our scope, standards and competencies to always provide safe, efficient care. 


Zone 4 - Regina City

Tina Sentes, LPN - Regina, SK - Elected by Acclamation

Tina Sentes Picture

Being a member of the SALPN Council has shown me what governance and self regulation is truly about and has taught me the importance of being a leader both professionally and personally.  My vision for the LPN profession is to evolve our profession as the demands of our healthcare system increase.   It is important that we as LPNs continue to be professional, accountable, and ethical in our current practices as front-line advocates for our patients.  It is also important for us to remember how vital we are to our patients’ care and that we don’t lose sight of providing safe, competent and quality care to patients and their families.


Professional Biography

I have been LPN for the past 9 years, including:

  • 1 year each on family medicine
  • 1 year as a Workflow Specialist with Quality Improvement
  • 7 years as an advanced practice LPN on the renal unit in RQHR
  • 9 years as a TLR instructor
  • Lean Improvement Leadership Training certification
  • Saskatchewan Institute of Health Leadership (in progress) through the U of R
  • SALPN for 8 years, in various roles such as:
    • 3 years on SALPN Council as a Member at Large for Zone 4, Regina
    • The “I Provide Care” Campaign
    • Education Committee for 2 terms
    • Events Committee for 1 term
    • Various Ad-hoc Committees
    • Chair for the Awards and Recognition Committee for the last year

SALPN Elections

Each Member-at-Large is elected to a three-year term and represents one of five electoral zones. A Member-at-Large can run for two consecutive terms.


  • Attend Council meetings (2 day meetings 5 times per year)
  • Participate on SALPN Committees
  • Attend the SALPN AGM & Conference
  • Potential for involvement in external activities
  • Meeting preparation and communication (2 to 10 hours per month)

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Represent and protect the best interest of the public
  • Develop an understanding of LPN Regulation, the SALPN Legislation and documents
  • Represent and support Council decisions
  • Conduct oneself in a professional manner
  • Professional representation of the SALPN and the LPN Profession

Member-at-Large Nomination Form


The President-Elect has a two-year term and becomes President at the end of his/her term.


  • Apprentice to the President
  • Represents the SALPN in the absence of the President
  • Attend Council meetings (2 day meetings 5 times per year)
  • Participate on SALPN committees
  • Attend the SALPN AGM & Conference
  • Potential for involvement in external activities
  • Meeting preparation and communication (2 to 10 hours per month)

President-Elect Nomination Form


Electoral Zones & Map

People vote and represent zones based on their principle place of employment, not place of residence.  There are five zones which consist of:

Zone 1 - West

All health agencies within the Heartland, Cypress and Five Hills Health Authorities

Zones 2 - North

All health agencies within the Athabasca, Keewatin Yatthe, Mamawetan Churchill River, Prairie North, Prince Albert Parkland and Kelsey Trail Health Authorities

Zone 3 - Saskatoon

All health agencies within the Saskatoon city limits

Zone 4 - Regina

All health agencies within the Regina city limits

Zone 5 -East

All health agencies within the Saskatoon, Sunrise, Regina Qu'Appelle and Sun Country Health Authorities except Regina and Saskatoon cities


View/Print Electoral Map

Election Notice

Members will be contacted through email regarding upcoming SALPN elections. All practice members are eligiable to run in SALPN elections as long as their primary work residence falls within an available zone. Once election canidates have been established, members will be sent ballots and information on the potential canidates. Election results will be presented at the Annual General Meeting in April. 

Why become a SALPN Council Member?

You will benefit professionally

  • Become a leader in the evolution of our LPN profession;
  • Have input into the education standards of our profession;
  • Have input into the definition of the scope, standards and competencies of our profession;
  • Strengthen leadership skills;
  • Learn about policy driven organizations;
  • Understand the dynamics of other health professions;
  • Broaden your horizons at provincial and national levels;
  • Keep current with provincial health care trends;
  • Make professional network contacts;
  • Develope and refine communication skills.

You will benefit personally

  • Boost self confidence;
  • Develop leadership skills;
  • Promote professional communication skills;
  • Make new friends and relationships;
  • Understand how LPNs fit into the evolving health care system;
  • Obtain greater knowledge of the LPN profession and the health care system in general.

Your time will be compensated

  • Each member's expenses are reimbursed.
  • Lost wages are compensated.