Entry to Practice Competencies

This document describes the competencies expected of the entry-level licensed practical nurse in Canada. The competencies describe the knowledge skill, judgment and attitude required of beginning practitioners to provide safe competent and ethical nursing care. The document serves as a guide for curriculum development and for public and employer awareness of the practice expectations of the entry-level licensed practical nurse.

Through formalized and ongoing education, licensed practical nurses may expand their knowledge base and/or competencies throughout their career. This additional learning is not reflected in this document.

Each province and territory is responsible for ensuring that graduates of practical nursing programs in Canada and nurses educated in other countries applying for licensure as a practical nurse meet an acceptable level of competence before they begin to practise.

Prior to producing this document, an extensive study was conducted to identify the competencies required for the safe, competent and ethical practice of entry-level licensed practical nurses in Canada. Provincial and territorial regulatory authorities were active participants in all phases of the investigation, which served to identify and validate a comprehensive set of competencies expected of the entry-level licensed practical nurse. With this set of competencies and the validation survey data, the essential components of the entry-to-practice document were developed.

Entry to Practice Competencies Document