Annual Licensure Audit

Why does SALPN conduct audits?

The SALPN has the legislated mandate of public protection through the regulation of licensed practical
nurses. One area of this regulation is setting the standards and requirements for licensure and renewal. Some of the requirements, included in the SALPN Regulatory Bylaws require that the LPN declare any criminal conviction(s), report the number of hours of practice per year, obtain Continuing Education Portfolio program hours, and provide information related to the Independent Practice registry.

The annual licensure audit is a tool to verify that LPNs met the renewal requirements at the time of renewal and were truthful in their declarations. The SALPN randomly audits approximately 15% of the membership across the four areas mentioned above. In addition to the random selection, the SALPN also audits LPNs who may have had previous reporting errors, those who have an audit as part of a disciplinary order, or if new regulatory requirements need verification.

Failure to comply with audit requests may lead to disciplinary action.

Click a button below to open an instruction guide on how to complete your audit. 

Criminal Record Check Audit Intruction Guide

Continuing Education Portfolio (CEP) Hours Audit Instruction Guide

Practice Hours Audit Instruction Guide

Independent Practice Audit Instruction Guide

For any questions or inquiries about your audit, you must contact
Due to a high volume of inquiries, your questions are better screened and delivered to the appropriate person through

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