Do you have a email on file with the SALPN?



If you have issues with not receiving SALPN emails/codes AND you have a email, please log in to your email from (webmail) from a browser and search your Spam folder for emails from us.
You can right-click on the email and choose “Mark as safe” or “shift + j” to get the email to your inbox for the future.


Don’t have a spam folder? Call SaskTel support at 1-855-444-9464.



You may also try clicking on the links below on how to add junk or spam folders to your mobile device or how to add SALPN as a safe sender.

How to Add Junk or Spam Folders to Your Mobile Device

Add SALPN as a Safe Sender to Your Account


SALPN's Journey to authentic allyship

The SALPN is committed to a journey toward authentic allyship. The SALPN will become an authentic ally through its work as the regulator of the LPN profession, through its presence as an organization, and as an employer.
So what does authentic allyship mean? Click the button below for more information!

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Culturally safe care Cep

Culturally safe care recognizes and strives to address inherent power imbalances in the healthcare system. Culturally safe care helps a healthcare environment to be free of racism and discrimination.

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