New Code of Ethics for LPNs in Canada

The SALPN is pleased to announce the adoption of a new Code of Ethics for Licensed Practical Nurses, effective June 21, 2023.

SALPN’s Regulatory Bylaws refer to the Code of Ethics in Section 17 as a requirement of LPN practice. As a member of SALPN, you are legally required to practice according to the Code of Ethics.

SALPN would like to thank those involved in the consultation and development of the new Code of Ethics, including the Canadian Council of Practical Nurse Regulators (CCPNR), CAMPROF Canada Inc., LPNs and registered nurses, LPNs in educational roles and regulatory staff.

What is different about the new Code of Ethics?

  • It articulates six fundamental principles that govern LPN practice and guides LPNs’ reflections and decision-making across all practice areas.
  • Modernized language.
  • Incorporates a significant focus on current societal contexts, including truth and reconciliation, social identity, trauma-informed approaches, and personal bias.

The Code of Ethics outlines modern ethical expectations of LPNs to the public, LPNs, and employers. Please visit SALPN’s website or email for more information about the new Code of Ethics or LPN practice.

Click here to view the new Code of Ethics

SALPN's Journey to authentic allyship

The SALPN is committed to a journey toward authentic allyship. The SALPN will become an authentic ally through its work as the regulator of the LPN profession, through its presence as an organization, and as an employer.
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