New Legislative Interpretations: LPN Scope of Practice and Additional Competencies

The SALPN is pleased to announce the release of two new Legislative Interpretation documents. Thanks to all members and other stakeholders that provided feedback on these important documents.

Links to the documents are below, however they have also been placed in the Legislative Interpretations section of our online Document Library. If you have any questions about the documents, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Copies of these documents are available at the SALPN office.

LPN Practice in Saskatchewan


This document provides a simplified explanation of various aspects of LPN practice. This includes the Professional Scope of Practice, Individual Competence, the Employer’s role in determining LPN practice and the context of practice.

It’s a great document for LPNs, Employers, Managers and members of the public to understand the framework of LPN Practice.


Professional Scope of Practice: Additional Competencies

This document is a simplified explanation on LPN Additional Competencies.  It defines and provides of examples of basic competencies, additional competencies, and specializations.  It explains both the LPN and employer’s role in gaining and maintaining additional competencies.