Out of Province Applicants

Application volumes are high.

The SALPN will connect with you if we have any questions or concerns about your application submission.  Until you hear directly from the SALPN, please refrain from calling or emailing about your application. Applications are reviewed within 14 days.

 Watch the Out of Province Application Information Video Below

This page is for applicants who:

  • are currently registered/licensed as a Licensed Practical Nurse in a Canadian province outside of Saskatchewan; and
  • have already passed the Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination (CPRNE).

If the above applies to you, please begin your Out of Province Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) application by clicking on the Member Portal and creating an account. Once your account is created, you are required to submit your application and all necessary documentation online.

Member Portal

On the home screen of your member portal, click apply in the Practicing box.

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CCPNR Online Course

Print VOR Here


There are three mandatory education upgrades required for licensure renewal through the SALPN’s Regulatory Bylaws. They are:

  1. Health Assessment
  2. Medication Administration
  3. IV Initiation/Therapy

Applicants who did not complete any or all of the above courses must complete them before Saskatchewan licensure is issued.  Saskatchewan Polytechnic offers all three courses, but other comparable courses may be accepted. Please connect with us before enrolling in a course offered out of Saskatchewan to ensure it meets the SALPN’s standards. Proof of completion certificates or transcripts is required. Please email either document to registration@salpn.com.

Visit Saskatchewan Polytechnic for enrollment dates.

Once you submit your application, a SALPN team member will review your information. If satisfied, the SALPN will notify you by email, and you can continue your application.

Once your access is granted, please log back into your SALPN Portal for instructions.

English Language

Applicants currently licensed in another Canadian jurisdiction and applying to the SALPN are considered to have met English language proficiency requirements for their initial Canadian LPN licensure.

Out-of-province applicants who already met another jurisdiction’s licensure requirements for English language proficiency may not need to provide additional proof of proficiency to the SALPN.


Following a successful review of the above, you can expect an email inviting you to log back into your portal to complete the $450 licensure payment. Once payment is processed, your LPN license will be issued. If there are questions or outstanding requirements for your application, you will be notified by email or telephone.