Pre-Authorized Payment Plan Enrollment
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Welcome to the webform for enrollment into SALPN's pre-authorized payment plan. Please complete this form by February 16, 2020, to enroll in the program starting March 1, 2020.

2021 Licensure Fee

What is the Pre-Authorized Payment Plan (PPP)?
The PPP program is designed to provide SALPN members with the convenience of prepaying registration fees for the upcoming practice year over 8 months, starting in March and concluding in October when the renewal begins.

Is there a cost to participate in this program?
The cost to enroll in the program is $57.25, which includes a $1.00 per month administration fee. Please be aware by joining this program, you may be subject to additional fees should your payments decline or you wish to withdraw.

What happens to the funds as I make payments?
The funds are added to your SALPN account as a pre-paid balance and are applied automatically to your next renewal. Any declined monthly payments that occur during the Pre-Authorized Payment Program will be invoiced, and payment will be required at the time of renewal. Payment for service charges and NSF Fees can be made once the invoice is generated or at the time of renewal. Either way, your renewal will not be approved until all payments have been made in full.

Can I withdraw from the program?
You can withdraw from the program at any time by sending an e-mail to Your payments will be refunded to the account it was withdrawn from, less as $25 administrative fee plus $1 for each scheduled and/or attempted withdrawal.

I'm not sure if I will take a practicing registration next year, or I may renew as non-practicing. Should I still enroll in the program?
No! The PPP is specifically for practicing licensure for the upcoming registration year. However, the SALPN understands plans change, and if a practicing license is not in your future, we ask that you notify us.

This secure form will allow you to enroll in the program and submit your banking information.