Practical Nurse Education Program Approval

The SALPN is responsible for approving all entry-level practical nurse education programs in Saskatchewan. The approval of practical nurse education programs protects the public as the standards intend to support the development of graduates with the ability to practice safely. Graduates of approved education programs are eligible for licensure with SALPN.

SALPN’s new evaluation and monitoring process for approving practical nurse education programs in Saskatchewan is one way the SALPN meets its public protection mandate.

Educational program approval ensures graduates are prepared to practice nursing safely, competently, and ethically.

The objectives of program approval are to:

  • fulfill SALPN’s legislative duty to approve entry-level practical nurse education programs
  • promote the safe practice of nursing through a standardized practical nurse education approval process
  • grant jurisdictional recognition to practical nurse education programs
  • provide stakeholders with a transparent account of program approval
  • support continuous evaluation and improvement of practical nurse education programs
  • The approval process involves a comprehensive review of practical nurse education programs every seven years (this term may vary depending on results from the annual monitoring review). Additionally, programs are monitored yearly based on a subset of outcome measures such as practical nurse registration exam results. Programs must meet or exceed the approval requirements to be approved by the Council.

The SALPN lists all approved Saskatchewan practical nurse education programs on our website. This information is updated annually. Learn more about how programs are approved.

Each practical nurse education program is evaluated using three approval standards:

  • Structure
  • Curriculum
  • Outcomes

Each of the three standards has indicators and evidence requirements used to evaluate a program’s performance of that standard.

The SALPN uses the following three processes to approve programs:

  • Comprehensive review process
  • Annual monitoring process
  • Preliminary review process for new education programs

At the center of the framework is the program’s effectiveness in preparing graduates to practice safely, competently and ethically.

Please contact the schools offering approved practical nurse education programs directly for more detailed information about their programs.

Approved Practical Nurse Education Programs