Pre-Authorized Payment Plan

The Pre-Authorized Payment Plan (PPP) is a pre-payment option that allows SALPN Members of the opportunity to pay their 2019 Licensure Renewal fee in eight (8) monthly payments of $51.00.  Monthly payments are withdrawn from a bank account of the Members’ choosing.  The PPP is a payment made in advance for the next licensure year; example: pay in 201for 2019 license.  The SALPN will be accepting enrollments beginning on January 2, 2018, until February 28, 2018.  

The withdrawal payments begin March 15th and end on October 15th.  All Subscribers to this program must continue to meet all licensure requirements and submit their online renewal. 



  • Subscribers must currently hold a Practicing license, GLPN license or Non-Practicing Certification to be eligible for the PPP. 
  • Subscriber’s bank account is debited as per the set payment schedule. 
  • Subscribers will be charged an additional $1.00 per month to enroll in this service. 
  • When payments return NSF, the amount owed is added to the withdrawal scheduled for the next month, plus a $50.00 NSF fee. 
  • If a second (2nd) NSF occurs, or your bank account is closed without supplying notification to the SALPN, subscribers are removed from the PPP, and the SALPN will issue a refund for the amount withdrawn to date less a $25 administration fee and applicable NSF charges. 

Banking Information Changes 

  • Changes in banking information must be submitted in writing seven (7) days before the next scheduled withdrawal date along with a new “VOIDED” cheque. 

PPP Cancellations 

A PPP subscription may be cancelled with a written request. This request must be received seven (7) days before the next scheduled withdrawal date. The SALPN will charge a $25 administration fee to refund payments withdrawn up to the date of cancellation. 

PPP Frequently Asked Questions (insert document link here) 

Payment Schedule 

March 15 


April 15 


May 15 


June 15 


July 15 


August 15 


September 15 


October 15 


Total Collected Annually   




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