Everything You Need to Know About Renewal

Do you have questions about your licensure renewal? Everything you need to know is here! 


  • Logging in, two-factor authentication 
  • Renewal Guide or Tutorial
  • CEP information, including a webinar
  • CEP Questions
  • Practice Hours Questions
  • Renewal Fees
  • Booking an appointment and COVID-19 protocols

Important Dates:

  • October 15, 2021: renewal opens 
  • December 1, 2021: renewal deadline 
  • December 2, 2021: late fees begin 
  • December 31, 2021: registrations expire at midnight 
  • January 1, 2022: must be licensed to work! 

If you do not renew and complete payment for your license by the Dec 31 deadline, you will no longer be licensed to practice. Re-licensure options are available at that time, but it is not a quick or inexpensive process.

You will be subject to SALPN Disciplinary actions if you work without a license, even just one shift. Please don’t let this happen to you.

Categorize Your CEP
There are two charts that can help you determine how many CEP hours you require for renewal and how to categorize each CEP activity you've completed!
CEP Requirements & Categorize
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Remember to use the most compatible web browsers when logging on to you member portal and/or completing your renewal. You can choose from the following: Chrome, Firefox & Safari
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CEP Carry-over
You can only carry-over a maximum of 8 hours each year.

Find your carry-over total in your member portal:

Click on My CEP and add your 2021 registration year

Log in to Your Member Portal

How-To CEP Explainer Video


LPNs are expected to accumulate CEP hours to improve and/or maintain their knowledge, skills, and practice competencies through continuing education.

It is the responsibility of the individual LPN to seek out opportunities for this continuing education requirement to support individual practice.

The SALPN has a few resources listed on our website that can get you started on your CEP hours. This list only contains a small number of options. You are expected to find other resources if these lists do not work for you.

We encourage you to search out other learning opportunities beyond what is listed on the SALPN website.


You may “carry-over” a maximum of 8 hours into the next licensure year.  All “carry-over” hours must be applied to the section in which they were originally obtained the next licensure year. Your renewal will show you which section.

Remember, the carry-over CEP you choose will require you to have supporting documentation if audited. 


You collect:

  • 32 hours in 2020 (8 more than required) = 8 carry-over hours for 2021.

Yes, you can obtain hours while holding a non-practicing certificate.  If you return to practicing in the same year, you will be eligible to use those hours towards your minimum requirement. 

For example, if you were Non-Practicing at the start of the year, attended the SALPN Annual General Meeting in April, and returned to practicing in October, you could use the hours from the AGM towards your minimum requirement. 

The following information can be found in the Legislative Interpretation Continuing Education Portfolio (CEP) Program

Claimable hours are typically based upon the length of time required to complete the education, except for courses completed at a formal educational institution such as the University of Saskatchewan or Saskatchewan Polytechnic.

  • Completion of standard university or college course credits are assigned 15 hours per course credit.
  • Saskatchewan Polytechnic courses generally have assigned hours to each course when a course credit is not assigned.

The SALPN recognizes that individuals may learn at different speeds and as such, LPNs are expected to claim the actual hours spent learning. LPNs should exercise their best judgment and claim a reasonable number of hours for their CEP. For example:

  • Pressure Ulcers Treatment Online Course: average completion time is 8 hours, but LPNs have stated it may take upward of 20 hours to complete. This would be an acceptable difference in claimed hours.
  • Saskatchewan Polytechnic IV Therapy Course: 15-course hours as per course outline. It would be unreasonable to claim 100 hours.

Renewal Fees

Renewal fees are due on or before December 1st  
Practicing licensure: $450
GLPN licensure: $450 
Non-Practicing Certification: $60 

Late fees are in effect beginning December 2
nd at the following rates: 
Renewal between December 2 – 15 = $100 
Renewal between December 16 – 31 = $200 
*Late fees are in addition to the renewal fees.

Practice Hours

To be eligible for renewal, a member must have worked a minimum of 1250 LPN hours in the last 5-year period (there is no yearly requirement). In some cases, the SALPN Registrar may extend the 5-year requirement to members who apply in writing and meet the criteria outlined in the Practice Hours Extension Policy.

2017 – 300 hours worked
2018 – 1100 hours worked
2019 – 200 hours worked
2020 – 1450 hours worked
2021 – 0 hours worked
3050 total hours in the last 5 years = Eligible for renewal

Not sure if you should apply?  For a list of the LPN hours you worked in the last few years, log in to your SALPN Member Portal and click on Update Profile.  If the hours listed and the ones for the current year do not meet the 1250 requirement, you may want to consider applying for an extension.

The cost of the extension application is $100 and is accessible here.

Practice Hour FAQ's

  • You may obtain your practice hours from your employer.
  • The SALPN does not have access to your practicing hours in the present year.
  • If you’re renewing before Dec. 31, you will need to guestimate your practice hours from the time of your renewal to Dec. 31. 
  • Your practice hours are determined by a calendar year (Jan. 1 – Dec. 31).
  • The SALPN understands that your total may be off by a few hours. 
  • Yes. If you’ve worked at multiple places within the year, you need to submit the amount of hours you worked at each location. 

Renewal Support

girl with covid face mask circle

Renewal support will be offered in two different ways: 

  1. Through the support hotline at 306-525-8022.

  2. Email support at

  3. Book an appointment. Click here! 
    Online and phone appointments are preferred. 
    Masks are mandatory and proof of vaccination is required when entering the SALPN office. 


    Before contacting the SALPN for support, members are expected to review the renewal tutorial and any other related SALPN resources. 
 The support line and appointment times are available: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays between 0900-1600.





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