Report an LPN Termination

Per Section 43 of The Licensed Practical Nurses Act, 2000, individuals or facilities that employ LPNs are obligated to: 
  1. Report an LPN’s termination to the SALPN, 
  2. Ensure that any LPN they choose to employ is a Practising SALPN Member and, 
  3. Ensure the LPN maintains their license to practice throughout the period of employment. 

There are times when an employer may temporarily suspend an LPN from working.  In these cases, The Licensed Practical Nurses Act, 2000, does not require an employer to report a suspension, but the SALPN encourages it if the reason for the suspension may be considered a risk to public safety. 

Upon receipt of a termination or suspension notice, the SALPN may proceed by filing a complaint against the LPN’s practice, depending on its nature.   

Reporting a termination, suspension or checking an LPN’s license status is simple.   

Click HERE to report a termination or suspension. 

Click HERE to view an LPN’s licensure status in live time.