SALPN Committees

If you are a practicing member of the SALPN and are interested in becoming involved with your regulatory body please consider serving on a SALPN Committee. SALPN Committees perform regulatory functions in which the insights and knowledge of Licensed Practical Nurses is essential. The SALPN will email the membership when vacant positions within SALPN Committees become available.

Click on a Committee to view the Committee’s terms of reference.

Please contact the SALPN office for additional information on any committee (306) 525-1436 or email

SALPN Counselling & Investigation Committee

Counselling & Investigation Committee Members

Jennifer Olson, LPN, Chairperson

Kristy Huckabay, LPN, Committee Member

John Go, LPN, Committee Member

Janice Fillion, LPN, Committee Member

Dorothea Warren, Committee Member, Public Representative

Arlene Patron, LPN, Committee Member, Alternate

Darcia G. Schirr, K.C., Legal Counsel


Counselling & Investigation Committee 2023 Meeting Dates
      • January 24 & 25
      • March 8 & 9
      • April 18 & 19
      • June 5 & 6
      • July 11 & 12
      • September 12 & 13
      • October 24 & 25
      • December 5 & 6

SALPN Discipline Committee

Randy Dos Santos, LPN, Chairperson

Monique Bellegarde, LPN, Committee Member

Marcie Halyk, LPN, Committee Member

Christine Okonkwo, LPN, Committee Member

Mary Ellen Wellsch, Q.C. BA (Hons), LL.B., Committee Member, Council Public Representative

Jaime Carlson, Committee Member, Alternate, Appointed Public Representative

Lynsey M. Gaudin, Legal Counsel