SALPN Council

What is Council?

Council is the governing body of the SALPN.  As a self-regulating profession, LPNs are voluntarily elected to Council.  The seven LPN positions on the SALPN Council consist of the President, President Elect and five (5) Member at Large positions each representing a regional zone.  In addition, there are three public representatives appointed by the Minister of Health and the Executive Director.

Upcoming 2019 Council Meetings

May 7, 2019
May 9, 2019 (Annual General Meeting)
August 27, 2019 & 28, 2019
November 26, 2019 & 27, 2019

2019 SALPN Council


Janice Wagner, LPN


Denise Kominetsky, LPN

Council Members:

Linda Ewen, LPN


Heather Griffith, LPN


Tina Sentes, LPN


Kim Chinski, LPN

Public Representatives:

Kathryn Bradford


Mary Ellen Wellsch


Theo Bryson

Executive Director:

Lynsay Nair, LPN

Council Members

Position Description:

A Council Member is a member of the governing Council of the SALPN, and shall perform any duties that may be assigned by the council or chair. Each member is elected to a three year term and no Council Member may be elected to the same position on council for more than two consecutive terms of office.


  • attending Council meetings (2 day meetings at least 4 times per year);
  • sitting on SALPN Committees (2 to 6 meetings per year);
  • attending the SALPN AGM;
  • may be involved in external activities;
  • preparing for meetings and activities (2 to 10 hours per month).

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Making decisions in the best interests of the public
  • Developing a good understanding of the profession and all the SALPN's documents
  • Being a strong voice at the Council table
  • Representing and complying with Council decisions
  • Conducting oneself in a professional manner
  • Being a positive ambassador for the SALPN
  • Representing the highest standards of the profession


Position description:

The Chair is the chief elected officer on the SALPN Council and represents the Council at official functions.  The Chair leads Council meetings and is an ex officio, non voting, member on all other SALPN committees. The Chair's term is two years.


  • be accountable for the integrity of the Council's processes
  • ensure the effectiveness of and preside at the meetings of Council (2 day meetings at least 4 times per year)
  • serve as an ex-officio, non-voting member of committees
  • represents SALPN to outside parties
  • participating in external activities (SAHO convention, workshops, committees, etc.)
  • preparing for meetings and activities (5 to 15 hours per month)
  • overseeing the SALPN AGM

SALPN Vice-Chair

Position description:

The Vice-Chair represents the Chair in the Chair's absence.  The Vice-Chair has a two year term and is the only nominee for Chair at the end of his/her term.


  • The vice-chair shall assume the duties of the chair in the event the position of chair becomes vacant or the chair is unable to fulfill the duties of the position.
  • attending Council meetings (2-day meetings at least 4 times per year)
  • sitting on SALPN committees (2 to 6 times per year)
  • attending SALPN AGM
  • involvement in external activities (SAHO convention, workshops, committees, etc.)
  • preparing for meetings and activities (2 to 10 hours per month)

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