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If are nearing the end or have finished the Practical Nursing program in Saskatchewan, it is quite likely you have already received a presentation from the SALPN explaining the student/new graduate application processes.  During our visit to your campus, you would have set up your own SALPN User Account and had an overview of the upcoming requirements.  Use this page as a reminder or refresher of that presentation!


Begin your Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination (CPNRE) application by logging into your SALPN Member Portal.  Look for the following option upon logging in.

Be advised that the CPNRE fee is due upon submission.  Acceptable payment methods are VISA, MasterCard, VISA Debit.


January 1 – May 31, 2020 = $410

June 30, 2020 – May = $415

Other than the CPNRE fee, what do I need for my CPNRE application?

The SALPN requires all CPNRE applicants (SK Graduates only) to:

- enter your PN education information and program completion or anticipated completion date

- choose the exam you are 1st eligible to write.  Examples are:

        • May 2020 program completion must appear for the June 8 – June 28, 2020 CPNRE
        • December 2020 program completion must appear for the January 2021 CPNRE

- upload 2 pieces of government-issued identification

- upload the required Special Accommodation forms, if you require accommodation(s) for the exam.  Accommodations are only considered for documented disabilities and if you were accommodated during your PN program.

- review the Non-Disclosure agreement

OK, I’ve applied for the CPNRE…what’s next?

A friendly SALPN representative will review your submission, and if it’s acceptable, your information is sent to the exam provider, Yardstick Assessment Strategies (YAS).  The SALPN will notify you of any issues with your application requiring your attention.

Once YAS receives and reviews your information, they will issue you an email inviting you to schedule your CPNRE exam.  This email may take up to one week to receive, and please check your junk mail folder!  Through this email, you will be able to schedule your CPNRE date, time, and location.  Please note…if you were approved for Special Accommodations, you will book your CPNRE date, time, and location via YAS’s toll-free number which will be supplied in your email. 

My PN Program is complete…now what?

Now you will need to log into your SALPN Member Portal and begin your Graduate LPN (GLPN) application.  Once logged in, look for this option…

What do I need for my GLPN application?

Other than answering some basic questions, please prepare to upload or provide the following:

The SALPN will now review your submission and if everything looks good, an invoice for the licensure fee is issued.  You will receive this notice via email…all you need to do is log into your SALPN Member Portal and pay the invoice. The SALPN licensure fee in 2020 is $400 and will increase to $450 in 2021. Acceptable methods of payment are VISA, MasterCard, VISA Debit.

You are unable to practice as a GLPN or LPN in Saskatchewan until you receive notification that you are in fact, licensed with the SALPN.  Working without a valid GLPN or Practicing LPN license is considered professional misconduct and discipline sanctions will be imposed.



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LPNs, are you interested in serving the public as a member of the SALPN Council? Did you know the SALPN is delegated the responsibility to regulate the profession on behalf of the government? Watch this video to learn more about the role.

The regulation of professions is a provincial responsibility, but part of the responsibility is harmonizing with the regulators of other Canadian provinces. Nursing regulators from across Canada and the NNAS are discussing assessment of nursing education from around the world.

Beginning in 2022, LPNs writing the licensure exam will be tested on updated entry level competencies. You can review them here:

Are you aware of the formalities of the disciplinary process? SALPN has created a new document to help understand disciplinary proceedings. Find it here: #publicprotection


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