The Role of Practitioners in Indigenous Wellness – ENTRY PERIOD CLOSED

LPNs are accountable to practice in a culturally safe manner respective of diversity, equity and inclusion.

The University of Saskatchewan offers a course called “The Role of Practitioners in Indigenous Wellness.”  The course cost is $300, and the SALPN will reimburse up to 15 members for their registration fees once they provide proof of completion.

The education is an online self-directed course you can complete at your own pace within the twelve-week session. Sessions begin May 15, 2023.

With your participation in the course, you will learn to:

  • Identify how your background and culture influence your healthcare experiences and the care you provide.
  • Explore how ‘cultural genocide’ led to intergenerational trauma that impacts the health and wellness of Indigenous peoples.
  • Identify how the current health disparities and institutional experiences, including racism faced by Indigenous peoples, are rooted in historical colonialism and policy.
  • Explain how reclaiming Indigenous culture and beliefs may allow for healing
  • Identify ways to enhance your practice to ensure culturally responsive,  anti-oppressive and anti-racist care for Indigenous Peoples.
  • Develop communication strategies that promote culturally responsive health care for Indigenous Peoples in your area of practice.


By random draw, the SALPN will select 15 LPNs.

Course Dates: May 15, 2023, to August 8, 2023

If selected, you must provide proof of completion and a simple summary of the most valuable learning for reimbursement.

Read about the course by clicking the course description below.

Interested? Enter your information by clicking the submit button below! If selected, the SALPN will notify you by email. The deadline to submit your information to the SALPN is April 3, 2023.


Course Description

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